Discipleship Conference 20/20

Seeing the Gospel Clearly

March 8-11, 2020


Conference Topic

This year's Discipleship Conference topic will cover the five Latin statements that emerged from the Reformation.  We will use those statements as a guide to see their basis in Scripture, applicability today, and the need for reformation even now.


Conference Speaker

Pastor Henry Knox

Pastor Knox has served as the founder and Elder of Christ Infinite Vision Ministry. He is a husband to one wife and a father of three. Born and raised in the small town of Oak Cliff, Texas, Pastor Knox was taught the word of God by his late grandfather and Pastor Joseph A. Roberts.

Although Henry was brought up in the church he did not come to true repentance until the age of 25. After being compelled into the faith he desired to serve and honor God in all that he did. With a deep desire to draw closer to the Lord, being auto-didactic, and an appetite to know more about church history, he eventually came to know of the Reformed doctrines and the wellsprings of historical knowledge through a single volume of John Calvin’s commentary on the Gospel of Matthew. Today, his mission is to continue to preach the Gospel to all people and encourage them that salvation is in Christ Jesus alone.

Christ Infinite Vision Ministry Church History Christ Infinite Vision Ministries was established by the providence and grace of God through Pastor Henry Knox Jr. It was founded on the simple premise of holding fast to the unwavering total belief in the word of God. This small church plant was founded in Desoto Texas, with only 5 people in attendance in the beginning. Within a year the congregation grew and the church was officially established in June of 2013. Since then their local church mission has been to bring the Gospel to neglected areas of the inner-city community, while providing God centered teaching, discipleship, and education to places that have been ravaged by false teaching and traditionalism. Christ Infinite Vision is a reformed non-denominational ministry helping to awaken those called by God through the gospel & grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. CIVMinistries.org.


Conference Schedule

Sunday, March 8:
- Session 1: 10:45AM
     Sola Scriptura: "Scripture Alone"
- Session 2: 6:00PM
     Sola Fide: "Faith Alone"

Monday, March 9:
- Session 3: 6:30PM
     Sola Gratia: "Grace Alone"

Tuesday, March 10:
- Session 4: 6:30PM
     Solo Christo: "Christ Alone"

Wednesday, March 11:
- Session 5: 6:30PM
     Soli Deo Gloria: "To the Glory of God Alone"


Conference Cost:

Free - There is no cost to attend, but there will be a love offering taken up each evening, the full amount of which will be given to the conference speaker.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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